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Canyonville Christian Academy Dean staff

This spring finds us here at Canyonville Christian Academy in the midst of busyness with sports, drama and other fun activities.

Our track team has gotten off to a great start with many students attempting the sport for the first time in their lives. They are discovering the fun in competition and learning what they can do. Every meet is filled with personal records and fast-paced competition, all leading up to our Special District Championship on Saturday, May 17th with the 1st and 2nd place finishers in each event heading on to the State Championships at the University of Oregon’s beautiful Hayward Field. This year looks to be another good year in the number of potential qualifiers.

Ivan ready for the relay

Ivan ready for the relay

Go Diego go!

Go Diego go!













Our tennis team is busy traveling as most of our matches are held far away from us. Tennis play against 1A-4A schools, so every match is a challenge. Even though the team is small, it shows great potential. This year, we are thrilled to be able to host 3 home matches – on April 19th, April 24th and April 26th. The Tennis District Championship will be held from May 12th-14th and the State Tennis Championships on May 22nd-24th.

Wayne working hard on the tennis courts at Canyonville Christian Academy

Wayne working hard on the tennis courts at Canyonville Christian Academy

Jeremy practices his serve for Canyonville Christian Academy's tennis team

Jeremy practices his serve for Canyonville Christian Academy’s tennis team






















This spring, our drama group will present “Murder by the Book” – a mystery revolving around classic authors. The play will present matinees on Sunday, May 11th and on Monday, May 12th.

All of this leads up to the end of year festivities…the CPR Reward trip to the Oregon beautiful coast, the sports’ awards banquet, Baccalaureate, the traditional staff vs. students softball game, the senior farewell BBQ, Mayfest, and culminating with Graduation. After the graduation ceremony, we will join together to look back as we remember former coach and dean, Jim Crumpton by dedicating a bench next to the CCA track in his honor and to look forward as we celebrate the groundbreaking for our new dormitory.

Graduation evening will conclude with the annual alumni banquet . All alumni are welcome to attend. We will be commemorating CCA/CBA’s 90th year.

The OSAA State Championship trophy for sportsmanship!

It was a great year in basketball for the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots as they played hard and persevered all the way to the state championships, taking 7th place.  Good job boys!!

Pendleton, Oregon is about 7 hours away and we were not able to send any spectator students to the game.  We were able to listen to the live broadcast on internet radio so that the whole school could enjoy the excitement of our team making it all the way to State finals.  One of the truly great things during the game besides how well our boys played, was how our rival teams and their parents gathered in CCA’s section to cheer for our boys.  We were listening on the radio and heard a large crowd chanting “CCA! CCA!” and even doing our victory chant every time a point was scored.  So special thanks to Oakland, North Douglas and Days Creek for cheering us on during our two games.  That was a great feeling!

To quote from a huge spread about Canyonville Christian Academy in the Eastern Oregonian newspaper titled “The International Team”:

Basketball coach Noel Schaak has a flair for turning players with zero experience and a loose grasp on the English language into seasoned athletes. Schaak’s team at Canyonville Christian Academy has a roster of 12 international players from the Ukraine, Rwanda, Hong Kong and South Korea.

During the Saturday night awards show, with Irrigon taking first place, the announcer suddenly announced the OSAA first place trophy for Sportsmanship for Canyonville Christian Academy!  Coach Noel Schaak headed to the court to be presented with the trophy pictured here.  The crowd went wild which prompted the whole team to go down to the floor, said our athletic director, Brian Fye.  Brian said that it was an emotional time and something that we didn’t expect.  This trophy means a lot to Canyonville Christian Academy because it speaks of character, something which Noel Schaak and Mike Stansberry try very hard to instill into our students.  To say that we are proud of our team would be an understatement!  Thank you boys and coaches for a great year of basketball at CCA.

Canyonville Christian Academy sports

Today at 1:30 PST the OSAA (Oregon State Athletics Association) will broadcast live the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots playing against Irrigon at the State competition.  We are all here at CCA cheering on our team!!  Go Pilots!

Click this link to listen to the game:


Oregon – The Runner’s State

It’s almost track & field season and several of our Canyonville Christian Academy students are ready to go!  Many have been training by going out for daily runs together and others have been practicing their long jumps.  CCA has a long history of track and field success.  Our trophy case boasts of several State of Oregon first place trophies.  Here’s a video looking back on last year’s track season.  Let’s go Pilots!!


Canyonville Christian Academy students

Applications Arriving Now

The busy season for admissions is beginning as families sit together to try and find the right school for their student.  Location, history of the school, the costs involved and the rush to apply are all part of questions and process of applying to a school.  As we look at Canyonville Christian Academy during this school year of 2013-2014, we filled up to capacity both of our boy’s dormitories and had to turn away students for 2nd semester and our girl’s dorm was nearly full as well.  So now is the time to apply and secure a place at CCA.  This is Canyonville Christian Academy’s 90th year!  Come and be a part of this historic school.

This year, students from China, Colombia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Kazakstan, Rwanda, and various States in the USA came together to form the beautiful student body known as the CCA Pilots.  What a joy this year has been!

You, too, can be a part of the beautiful school located in scenic Oregon in the Pacific Northwest United States.  Visit our admissions page to download the appropriate application form: www.canyonville.net/admissions and send that in to us as soon as possible to make sure that we will have a space reserved for you.

Canyonville Christian Academy students

The boys’ and girls’ varsity CCA basketball teams placed 1st and 2nd respectively in the Cow Creek Classic basketball tournament the weekend of December 13-14.  The boys defeated Umpqua Valley Christian in the championship game 66-56, and Allen Lee and Clement Dushimimana were named to the all-tourney team!  We are so proud of our Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots.  Work hard and stay in shape over the Christmas break.

Student Center at Canyonville Christian Academy, in southern Oregon. Canyonville, has an International Boarding school

December Has Arrived!

The campus has been decorated with Christmas lights, ornaments, trees and a manger scene in front of the gym.  For some of our students, this is their first time celebrating the Christmas season.

Students are back from a few days off for the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving.  Many of the students went on the CCA trip to  San Francisco, California where they enjoyed Six Flags amusement park with some wild roller coasters and really short lines.  Their trip also included a night time tour of San Francisco, an all day excursion of San Francisco with trolley car passes.  The students also experienced lots of shopping on Black Friday.  They returned saying that they had a lot of fun.  Other students went home for this traditional holiday.

Speaking of traditions, it is basketball season at Canyonville Christian Academy!!  The first weekend in December, CCA is sponsoring a basketball tournament.  It should be a great opening for the 2013-2014 season.  The CCA Pilots are ready for an exciting season of basketball.  We will post photos of the tournament and also of our cheerleading team.

This is a shorter month due to the Christmas break that begins on December 20th.

Get your events calendar today!

December Calendar



  The familiar path to east campus.


Four friends from three countries ready for a new year at Canyonville Christian Academy.

September passed by so quickly here at the Christian Academy.  From choosing classes, making new friends, to learning how to live away from home, life at an international boarding school can take some getting use to!  We are happy to say that this year’s group of students are doing very well.

We did our annual Rogue River rafting event where we take a whole day off from school; teachers and staff join in the fun as we enjoy rafting down the beautiful Rogue River.  We then picnic lunch in the park and just enjoy each others company.  It was so much fun!  The weather was hot, the water was cool and everyone had a great time.  By the time we get back to the academy, everyone has a story to tell, an adventure to share, and new friends to share those stories with.  Here’s some of the pictures below of that fun FUN day!

private boarding school students, ice breaker event, getting to know one another

Canyonville Christian Academy rafting teams head out on the Rogue.

group of girls, boarding school,  having fun on the annual ice breaker event, rogue river

Canyonville Christian Academy girls ready for rafting on the Rogue.

students love riding the rafts, international christian academy, holds best ice-breaker event

Riding the rapids at Canyonville Christian Academy rafting day!


You can download this month’s calendar here:

October Calendar

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Handy list of personal items to pack for private boarding school

Packing for the whole school year can be fun and stressful as you want to remember everything needed for your boarding school experience.  Here are some important things to know and a list to help keep you on track!  Basic furnishings are provided in all the dorms.  Storage space is adequate, but limited, so please do not bring excessive personal items. The following is a *list of personal items you will need for the school year here at the academy.

Clothing Items (refer to pg. 38 of student handbook)
Medications (refer to pg. 30 of student handbook)
Power strip with fuse switch (available for purchase in campus store)
Toiletry items
Towels and Washcloths
Sheets – 4 single
Pillowcases – 2
Bed spread or Comforter – single (can purchase at the school to save space in your luggage)
Pillow (can purchase at the school to save space in your luggage)
Laundry Bag
Laundry supplies
Pajamas, Bath robe
Coat hangers
Alarm clock
Laptop Computer (optional)
Eating Utensils (for dorm use: plate, cup, fork, spoon, etc.)
Bicycle (optional)
Tennis Racket (optional)
Sleeping bag for outings (optional)
School supplies (basic supplies are available in the PX.)
Graphing Calculator (for Algebra II & above) – acceptable models:
TI-83 or higher models

We recommend to parents that students be given between $25 and $50 a month for spending money (personal items, entertainment, snacks, etc)

*This list is also available in the Student Handbook for your convenience please review here.

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School Starts SOON!

We’re getting ready for another great year!  The staff is looking forward to lots of new students from all over the world,  as well as our awesome returning students!

New Changes At This Private Boarding School!

We’ve had various projects going on though out the summer.  Some campus projects here at this private academy are:  a newly repainted science building complete with shutters and a porch style front which looks great!  In Hinn Hall, there are new bathrooms on the 3rd floor of the girl’s dormitory, additionally we’ve added another sitting and studying area in front of the L classroom area!  The library has also had some new changes, which include a new bookshelf area and computers have been moved to another more convenient area, lastly, new PlayStations and games have been added for the auditorium/game room!

Important news so you can arrive at the boarding school in a timely safe manner!

Email Your Flight Plans to Canyonville Christian Academy

We need your flight plans!  Please send in your flights plans to travel coordinator Mrs. Bostford at travel@canyonville.net!  Remember to try and use the Medford (MFR) or Eugene (EUG) airports instead of Portland (PDX).  Portland trips take about 8 hours round trip for the drivers so we would like you to use one of the much closer airports if possible.  Travel fees are also cheaper from Eugene or Medford to the boarding school.  To view travel fees click here.

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