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happy_studying_studentThe boarding school effect on children is not that of complete positives or negatives.  It takes very careful assessment of the particular child before deciding to send them to a boarding school.

The benefits of boarding schools for children is that it instills a great sense of discipline in them.  In a boarding school there is a set routine for every single day of the week.  Each day includes a balanced diet of exercise, academics, and social interaction.  This atmosphere creates adults that are self disciplined with healthy habits.

Another benefit of boarding schools is that students are constantly in an atmosphere conducive with studying so that there are never distractions to keep from academic success.  Students also often become very independent as a result of the atmosphere at boarding schools.  At home there is a protective shield from parents, but at boarding schools children are required to be independent creating adults who are bold and fearless.

Just like any option there are negative effects of  boarding schools such as creating a distance between family involvement.  This prohibits parents from instilling family values and beliefs in their children.

The boarding school effect on children is niether completely positive nor negative.  Although it is definitely not for every child, for some it is the best thing that the parent can do for their child.