Canyonville Christian Academy’s Noted Alumni

Doug Wead - Special assistant to president George H.W. Bush (senior White House staff)
Dr.Dan Johnson - President Toledo University (Ohio). Provost Zayed University (United Arab Emirates)
Dr. Denny Davis - President Northwest University (Washington)
Dr. Dave Johnston - President/Founder Wesley Institute (Australia), college of arts and ministry. Conductor and concert violinist.
Wes Bishop – Screenwriter of 13 movies
Robert Bruce Williams – American Painter – portraitist.
Rose Gilbert – National high school track/athletics record holder (pentathlon)
Rev. Don Stewart - Through his organization, founder of more than 1,000 churches in Republic of the Philippines.
Bill Stallings – Member United States Electoral College.
Rev. Jim Andrews - Head of Assembly of God missions for Republic of China (Taiwan).
Dan Carpenter- Nuclear Engineer
Dr Mike Webster- Professor of Cardiac Rehabilitation.