Meet The Teachers

Stock Market Game Coach, CFO, Seminar Teacher

Roger Shaffer

CFO (Chief Financial Officer) - Teacher - Coach

Roger Shaffer is the Chief Financial Officer of Canyonville Christian Academy. Roger also teaches Seminar class. Roger’s long standing success at the Stock Market games has guided the class to win multiple trips to DC Washington. Roger graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance. He is the son of Robert Shaffer who served over 50 years in different capacities at the school, grandson of A.M. Shaffer who was the founder and president of Canyonville Christian Academy. Roger Shaffer has been teaching here at the school since 1969. He has also been coaching cross-country since 1969.

Lance Nutter, teacher, coach at Canyonville Christian Academy

Lance Nutter

Teacher - Girls Basketball Coach - Assistant Soccer Coach

Lance Nutter has been at Canyonville Christian Academy for 3 years, teaching for 12 years. Lance teaches English III, English IV, AP English, ESL Seminar, World Views and PE. He is also the Head Coach for Girls’ Basketball and an Assistant Coach for soccer. Lance has a Bachelor of Education in Language Arts/ Humanities from the University of Alaska Fairbanks/Juneau. He is originally from Alaska.

teacher at canyonville christian academy, canyonville, oregon, Sherri Deck, business math

Sherri Deck

Substitute Teacher

Sherri Deck has been at Canyonville Christian Academy for 11 years, teaching over 30 years. Since Sherri retired from teaching full-time in 2015, she continues to be available as a substitute teacher for the school.  Sherri has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management with Computer Information Sciences (CIS) and a Master of Arts in Business Administration. She is originally from Indiana.

Dawn Shepherd, teacher at top boarding school, canyonville, oregon

Dawn Shepherd

Teacher - Inter Murals

Dawn Shepherd has been working at Canyonville Christian Academy for 13 years and is also an alumni ’95. Dawn teaches Basic Christianity, Health and Gym classes. She also prepares and heads up the daily lunchtime intramurals. Dawn has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education (PE). She also has a Master of Art in teaching with endorsement in Health, PE, and ESOL. She is a native of Oregon and studied at Southern Oregon University.  

Canyonville Christian Academy History teacher, canyonville, oregon, Ian Garrett

Ian Garrett


Ian Garrett and his wife, Jessica Garrett have been at Canyonville Christian Academy for 1 year. Ian teaches Government, Economics, US History, World History, American History, AP US History at Canyonville Christian Academy. He has a Bachelor of Art in History and a Master of Art in Biblical History and Geography. Ian has been teaching for 3 years, 2 of which were in Taiwan. Ian is originally from North Carolina.

physics teacher, higher mathematics teacher, canyonville christian academy, luke suhr

Luke Suhr


Luke Suhr has been working at Canyonville Christian Academy for 3 years, teaching and tutoring for over 7 years. Luke teaches AP Physics 1 & 2, Physics, AP Calculus AB, Precalculus, Geometry, and Algebra III (or Advanced Algebra II) at Canyonville Christian Academy. He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and a Master of Education. Luke taught in the Peace Corps in Guyana and has also taught in South Korea. He is originally from Idaho.

Christian boarding school, spanish teacher,

Gudelia Clark de Esparza


Gudelia Clark de Esparza and her husband, Fernando Esparza have been working at CCA for 15 years. Gudelia teaches Spanish I, Spanish II, Physical Science,  Algebra 1/2, Algebra 1 and Journey of Faith at Canyonville Christian Academy. She has a Bachelor in Biblical Studies & TESOL. She is also certified as an ESL teacher. Gudelia has been teaching for 19 years. She taught for 5 years in Monterrey, Mexico and  2 years at CCA as a missionary volunteer. Gudelia is originally from Mexico.

teacher, CCA, a christian boarding school

Phil Jones

Teacher/ Facilities Assistant

Phil Jones has been working at Canyonville Christian Academy for 17 years, teaching for 18. Phil teaches Anatomy & Physiology and Biology. He is also Facilities Assistant at Canyonville Christian Academy. Phil has a Bachelor of Science from George Fox University.  He is native of Oregon.