Check-List For Boarding School Students!

Check-List For Boarding School Students!

Handy list of personal items to pack for private boarding school

Packing for the whole school year can be fun and stressful as you want to remember everything needed for your boarding school experience.  Here are some important things to know and a list to help keep you on track!  Basic furnishings are provided in all the dorms.  Storage space is adequate, but limited, so please do not bring excessive personal items. The following is a *list of personal items you will need for the school year here at the academy.

Clothing Items (refer to pg. 38 of student handbook)
Medications (refer to pg. 30 of student handbook)
Power strip with fuse switch (available for purchase in campus store)
Toiletry items
Towels and Washcloths
Sheets – 4 single
Pillowcases – 2
Bed spread or Comforter – single (can purchase at the school to save space in your luggage)
Pillow (can purchase at the school to save space in your luggage)
Laundry Bag
Laundry supplies
Pajamas, Bath robe
Coat hangers
Alarm clock
Laptop Computer (optional)
Eating Utensils (for dorm use: plate, cup, fork, spoon, etc.)
Bicycle (optional)
Tennis Racket (optional)
Sleeping bag for outings (optional)
School supplies (basic supplies are available in the PX.)
Graphing Calculator (for Algebra II & above) – acceptable models:
TI-83 or higher models

We recommend to parents that students be given between $25 and $50 a month for spending money (personal items, entertainment, snacks, etc)

*This list is also available in the Student Handbook for your convenience please review here.

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