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Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar Class attends the nationally renowned and critically acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

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International students from Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar Class watched Into the Woods at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This play was held in Ashland’s beautiful, outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre. The theatre holds 1,300 people in its upscale, evening showings of various plays. The architecture of this theatre is based on Shakespeare’s, Globe Theatre, and its contemporary, Fortune Theatre, in London, England.

Into the Woods is a musical, which premiered on Broadway in 1987. It won several Tony Awards in 1988 beating out The Phantom of the Opera in multiple categories. Since then it has been produced many times all around the world.

canyonville christian academy, into the woods, ashland, oregon, shakespeare festivalInto the Woods contains several characters from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale stories such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the beanstalk, and the baker and his wife. Each of these characters have specific wishes when they enter into the magical woods. Their paths are intertwined as they are presented with opportunities to fulfill these dreams. However, it will come at a price.

The characters are confronted by the morality of the decisions they have to make in order to achieve their dreams. One decision will negatively affect someone else; while the other may prevent them from getting what they desire. The characters decide to make their dreams come true no matter what the costs, and it seems like they should live happily ever after. However, they are later confronted with reality and hardships. They then find their fulfilled dreams unsatisfying. In the end, they have to work together to overcome their troubles. They learn from their mistakes and discover that it is best to live in community and think about others.

international students, into the woods, ashland, oregon, shakespeare festivalThe students of Canyonville Christian Academy loved the musical, Into the Woods! For most of them, it was their first time seeing a professional play. They were amazed and thought that the music, singers, and costumes were all wonderful. They were intrigued by the plot and couldn’t stop watching it! 

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International students in Seminar Class experience American football at the University of Oregon!

Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar Class teaches students about culture and worldwide events. It also gives them the opportunity to experience these things in real life. This type of learning strengthens the students’ knowledge on these subjects and gives them life experiences that they might not have had otherwise.

boarding school, international students, university of oregon, college footballDuring these first few weeks at boarding school, students in Seminar Class have been learning about American culture. One of the topics covered was American Football.

American Football is the most popular sport in the United States. Since 1985, the Harris Poll, has annually researched what Americans choose as their favorite sport. This year football won again for the 30th year in a row with a 35% vote. Most Americans have their favorite college and/or professional team. They may also have their favorite player(s). An average of over 50,000 fans attend each NFL (National Football League) football game. With such popularity, it has made American Football players some of the highest paid athletes in the world.

This weekend Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar Class attended a college football game at the University of Oregon. They watched the Oregon Ducks win 14-48 against the University of Wyoming. According to the Associated Press, Oregon’s college football team is ranked #2 in the United States. The Seminar Class includes many international students who have never been to a football game before. Some have seen football games on TV and were taught the rules of football in class. However, it really came alive to them when they were able to experience it in-person. It helped them gain a fuller understanding not only of the game itself, but also of the culture surrounding the sport.

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On February 6, U.S. Olympic javelin thrower Cyrus Hostetler spoke to Canyonville Christian Academy’s student body.

Hostetler (272.10 personal best throw) is a 2-time Pac-12 champion, a Silver medalist at the 2011 Pan-American Games, and competed at the 2012 London Olympic Games.  His story was a powerful testimony about perseverance.  CCA students responded very well and surrounded Cyrus afterwards for autographs and photo opportunities.  His testimony encouraged some students to try out for track this season.


Traveling to Seattle, Washington, seminar students joined over 67,000 Pro Football fans in cheering the Seahawks to a record-breaking 58-0 win over Arizona.

Students in this class are offered a wide variety of cultural and art events during the school year.


Christian Academy Chapel picture wins photo of the week contest!

Congratulations to Jayonna winner of Canyonville Christian Academy’s SEO class  Photo of the week contest!

Jay’s winning picture was selected by Canyonville Christian Academy’s Internet Marketing/SEO class as the best photo out of 13 submission’s.  Contestants could use either Instagram OR Twitter to submit a photo using hashtag’s #ccapics or #myfavplacecca!

Photo’s were also submitted by tagging @canyonvillechristianacademy. Two other runner up’s were Emanuel Stand who came in 2nd place and Teresa Lai who placed 3rd!  See all 3 pics submitted below!

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1st Place Photo

View Jay’s winning photo at CCA’s Boarding School Photo contest. Other runners up are shown below.

[image_video type="image" title="2nd place winner Emanuel Stand" image_url="http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2nd-place-photo-ccapics.jpg"]

2nd place photo!


[image_video type="image" title="3nd place winner Teresa Lai" image_url="http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/image3.jpg"]

3nd place photo!


Canyonville Christian Academy students from southern oregon, attend Opera in Portland, Oregon

Students from private boarding school in Canyonville attend opera in Portland OregonCanyonville Christian Academy’s seminar class attended a Portland Opera Performance of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” on November 8th.  Approximately 2,000 people were present for the event held at Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland.

This 3 1/2 hour work is considered to be among the very greatest operas of all time and was prominately featured in the Academy Award winning film “Amadeus”.

Seminar class includes the goal of attending a number of cultural and artistic events each school year.  Next up for the students in this course is an NFL football game in Seattle, Washington.

Christian Academy students go to Cirque du Soleil in Eugene, Oregon

The Christian Academy sent 3 classes to watch the world renown ‘Cirque du Soleil’ as the famous troop stopped in Eugene, Oregon for a 4 night showing of Quidam!

The school’s seminar class and both French I and French II classes along with teachers and several other attendee’s boarded a bus Sunday afternoon to travel the 2 hour trip up to Eugene.  The students and the adults were fascinated during the 2 hour plus performance as the performers entertained the crowd of 1,000+ people that came to watch.

Some of the students had seen the Cirque du Soleil in a previous event but most had not and were thrilled to have gone!  Some comments of the students were how they were amazed at the disciplined performers, others remarked how exciting it was with so much going on at all times, and yet others talked about the humor involved in different scenes and how everything was performed so smoothly!

All in all the students AND the adults had a GREAT time!   The classes are looking forward with excitement to the Cirque du Soliel 3D movie ‘Worlds Away‘ coming out in December!

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One of the top boarding schools in the nation had the founder of Good News India speak for their student chapel.

Reverend Dr. Faiz Rahman
visited Canyonville Christian Academy and spoke to the Christian Academy’s student body at the school’s weekly chapel service.

Rev. Rahman spoke on how he came to know Christ, as he was born and raised in a Muslim home in Calcutta, India.  In one of his testimonies he explained how there were miracles happening around him that had no other explanation except that it was God.  This led him to believe that the one and only God was very real, he found the joy of Salvation in Jesus Christ while he was in High School at the Assembly of God Church School in Calcutta under the ministry of Missionaries Mark and Huldah Buntain.

Dr Fiaz Rahman with Soniya at Canyonville Christian Academy, in Canyonville, Oregon. This is one of the Top International Boarding Schools in the USAReverend Rahman is the founder of Good News India a nonprofit Organization that rescue’s orphaned and/or destitute children in India BEFORE they are sold into bonded slavery.  This ministry has an outreach to the destitute children of Southern Asia and operates 25 centers in North India, where nearly 2500 children are fed, housed, educated and taught the Word of God. This includes a remote tribe who has been, until now, a violent, marauding, primitive tribal group.

Good News India also operates a large Leper Colony with 50 adults and their 85 children. Very few ministries are reaching out in a concerted and strategic effort to minister to the many hundreds of lepers that live a miserable existence in Orissa and West Bengal. Good News India feeds/clothes/medicates about 350 lepers in 4 different centers.

Rev. Rahman continued to share stories and testimonies to the students for 45min.  He then asked Soniya Sherpa a boarding student from India to share a few words of testimony.  Soniya is one of the rescued children from Rev Rahman’s ministry.

Dr Rahman and Soniya from Good News India, in front the the Girls Dorm at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville, Oregon. CCA is one of the Top International Boarding Schools in the United States

Soniya came to CCA through help of M.j. Benson a CCA alumnus herself.  M.J. is currently on staff with Good News India, and was instrumental in guiding Soniya through the 2 year process to complete all necessary paper to be able to come to CCA.  As part of CCA’s outreach for teenagers from all over the world, the school is providing Soniya with a scholarship to make it possible for her to attend.   Soniya has excellent English skills, is a very good student and is a beautiful Christian young lady.  We are very glad to have her.

Doug Wead looks on as Josh Wead leads worship

We had the special honor to have Canyonville Christian Academy’s president, Doug Wead of Washington D.C. speak to the students in a special chapel service.

“David didn’t become King David until he faced the challenge of the giant. The difficulty created the opportunity, said Doug Wead.

Doug Wead, President of Canyonville Christian Academy, christian boarding school, canyonville, oregon, top international boarding schools, best international boarding schools, students, study abroad, Mr. Wead talked about David’s life while he was just a young shepherd and his older brothers were off at war.  Even though David had talents and was a gifted musician, David’s true calling as the King of Israel was not yet evident.

What brought out David’s leadership was the challenge of the giant Goliath.  David

Doug Wead, President of Canyonville Christian Academy, christian boarding school, canyonville, oregon, top international boarding schools, best international boarding schools, students, study abroad,

Doug Wead challenges CCA students to face their giants

could have stayed at home and still have been happy.  But it was the difficulty of facing his giant that brought out the character and bravery of David who later became King.

Students and staff were encouraged with this great lesson from history from one of America’s great historians and authors.  It was also a special treat for Doug Wead to look upon his son, Josh Wead as he led the worship service in chapel that day.

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During the first week of school at Canyonville Christian Academy, students planned out their schedules, new friends were made, and all the nervousness began to wear off.

It definitely looks like it’s going to be a great year!

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Winners of Macbook Pros

The students who had paid their full year tuition by July 15th were anxiously waiting for their new Ipad3’s.  Some students were not able to make that deadline and didn’t qualify for the giveaway, but all students were entered into the Macbook Pro giveaway contest.

CCA’s two lucky winners were William and Ivan!  Ivan flew out of his seat and hopped up and down as Mrs. Lovato, Head of School, handed him his Macbook.

Congratulations to our two winners William an Ivan!