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Canyonville Christian Academy’s September activities calendar is available for downloads!

September Activities Calendar

Future Dormitory - Eric Payne, contractor, Doug Wead CCA President, Cathy Lovato Head of School, Ed Lovato Admissions

Historical Groundbreaking at Canyonville Christian Academy

From its small beginnings in 1924 until today, Canyonville Christian Academy has been continually progressing and advancing.  This year, as the graduating class of 2014 left the gymnasium to start a new phase of their lives, this small international boarding school nestled in the heart of the beautiful Oregon foothills broke ground for what will be a beautiful new dormitory set to be ready for September of 2015.   Pictured from left to right are Eric Payne, contractor of the new dormitory project, Doug Wead, President of CCA, Cathy Lovato, Head of School and Ed Lovato Admissions Director. The new dorm will house 28 students and will be the first step in our expansion phase, which will include new classrooms and more dormitory space. What an exciting step into the future for CCA! Pat Boone, a famous actor and singer and also a former CCA board member sent this congratulatory note;

Congratulations to Canyonville Christian Academy on its 90th anniversary.  And greetings to all the young men who lived this past year in “Boone Hall.”  Unfortunately, I cannot be with you, I will be celebrating my own 80th birthday at the same time. As you will notice, I am only ten years behind you and gaining fast.  My love to you all and congratulations to the graduating class of 2014.  Sincerely, Pat Boone

The grandchildren of A.M. Shaffer, who founded this historic school 90 years ago were represented by Roger Shaffer and Judy Jones.  Both of them continue to be active at Canyonville Christian Academy.

Grandchildren of CCA founder A.M. Shaffer - Roger Shaffer & Judy (Dunbar) Jones

Grandchildren of CCA founder A.M. Shaffer – Roger Shaffer & Judy (Dunbar) Jones

Here is a close up of the new dorm plans: Dorm-Sign

Canyonville Christian Academy students

Important Announcement for all Students!

Canyonville Christian Academy has a special offer!!  Any *student who pays for their entire year by July 15th (including application fee, room deposit & incidental fee where applicable) will receive a free iPad Air. (*only full paying, non-scholarshipped students)

All students, even those which financial aid or scholarships, will be entered into a drawing to win one of two 13 inch MacBook Pro’s with retina display when they pay their 2014-2015 year in full by July 15th.

Don’t delay!! Send in your payment to reserve your room as soon as possible.  More information at admissions@canyonville.net.

Canyonville Christian Academy students

Win a 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina display

Eric Lee, Soniya Sherpa and Irenee Mitali - winners

Another exciting victory for Canyonville Christian Academy!

Canyonville Christian Academy students finished number one in the 2014 national stock market game (Capitol Hill Challenge) and qualified for an all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.

This 14 week contest ended May 9 and included over 4,200 teams involving 15,000+ students.  The on-line investing competition uses real-time stock prices and is sponsored by the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), the national organization representing the financial industry.

The awards ceremony will take place June 11 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.  Among the planned events for the students is a meeting with Oregon Senators and Congressmen.

Read the national press release here: http://www.sifma.org/newsroom/2014/sifma_and_the_sifma_foundation_congratulate_the_11th_annual_stock_market_game™-capitol_hill_challenge_participants/

In the game, the winning team had a $100,000 starting position which they were able to increase by over 85% in three months.  Prior Canyonville Christian Academy teams have finished in the top 10 in the national eight times since 2010, including this win, a second, and two thirds.  This class also won a separate 2014 competition for Oregon high schools with entries sweeping the first four places.

Seminar class, taught by Roger Shaffer, covers a wide range of topics, regularly including an extended study of investing and the stock market.  Roger Shaffer is the grandson of Canyonville Christian Academy (formerly Canyonville Bible Academy) founder A.M. Shaffer.  CCA as it is affectionately called, is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary as a school.

Canyonville Christian Academy students

There are many testimonials on Canyonville Christian Academy’s alumni page, but this particular story was of great joy.

In 2006, Canyonville Christian Academy had a scholarship program for children of missionaries serving in various parts of the world.  That year, Bart Celie and his sister, Karolien were offered full scholarships to CCA as children of medical missionaries in Bolivia.  Karolien at the time was in 8th grade.
Bart excelled at CCA, taking various Advanced Placement classes and finished strong as a senior and Canyonville Christian Academy’s valedictorian.  Bart’s parents, Dr.’s Rik & Sabine Celie raised both Bart and Kaolien on the mission field in Bolivia and are from Belgium.  Writes sister Karolien currently studying in England,  

Ridiculously proud of my big brother, Bart Celie for receiving his acceptance to COLUMBIA MEDICAL SCHOOL today!!  From working on our english papers in the campo of Bolivia, to getting that A+ in AP classes at CCA, to completing a surely excellent thesis at Boston College – his academic journey reflects the hard work and determination that is evident through this acceptance. I can’t think of anyone that deserves this honor more than you, Barty!  Congratulations on making your life-long dream come true! Love you lots, and celebrating with you from a distance! 

On May 19, 2014, Bart will graduate with honors from Boston College  with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Chemistry.  Bart was accepted into Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons where he will pursue his medical degree and has a special interest in bioethics.  Congratulations on entering the Ivy League, Bart!

Canyonville Christian Academy students

Bart practicing his future medical skills on his sister, Karolien while on the mission field in Bolivia

Bryan Mukama shows the shot put for Canyonville Christian Academy

We are entering into the final few weeks left of the 2013-2014 school year at Canyonville Christian Acdemy!  So many great things have happened this past year.  It’s hard to believe we’re already so close to the finish line.  Here’s a list of the main events that are taking place until the end of the school year.



3 – Tennis @ North Bend & Marshfield

4-7 Spiritual emphasis with Brian Jones from Yakima, WA’

8 – Tennis at Cascade Christian

11 – Junior/Senior Banquet at Big K Ranch

12 Track @ Maynard Mai Invitational in Glide

13 – Portland Trailblazers game

15 – Tennis @ Sisters

17 – Track @ Oakland

19 – Track team to U of O – Oregon Relays

Tennis Home match vs Cascade Christian

20 – Easter

22 – Track @ Glide

24 – Tennis Home match vs. Marshfield

25 – 11th Annual CCA Amazing Survivor Race

26 – Tennis Home match vs. Klamath Union

Yearbook Work Day

27 – Calculus Field Trip –Portland

NBA Playoff Game

29 – Tennis @ Cascade Christian



1 – Track @ Oakland

2 – Shaffer Dorm’s Night Out

3-4 – Spanish class Cinco de Mayo field trip

3 – Cosmic Bowling

3-6 Senior Trip to Disneyland

6 – Track @ Bandon Invitational

7- All School Luau

8 – Tennis @ Klamath Union

9 – Track @ Oakland Twilight

10-12 – CCA Presents “Murder By The Book”

10 – IRON CHEF competition

11 – Mother’s Day

12-14 Tennis District Championships

15 – Spring Choir Concert

17 Track District Championships

18-19 – CPR Rewards trip to the Coast

20 – Sports’ Awards Banquet

22-24 – State Tennis Championships

22-24 – State Track championships

25 – Baccalaureate / Staff vs Students Softball game /Senior Farewell BBQ

26-29 – Final Exams

30 – Mayfest & Academic Awards

31 – Graduation

Alumni Dinner

Memorial remembrance of Jim Crumpton



1 – Dormitories close for 2014



30-Spet 1 – Dormitories open for 2014-2015 School Year & Welcome Weekend

Canyonville Christian Academy Seminar Class - First Place Winners of the Oregon Stock Market Game

Teacher Roger Shaffer, grandson of Canyonville Christian Academy’s founder and his Seminar class have done it again.   Mr. Shaffer’s class enter the Oregon Stock Market game every year which lasts a total of 10 weeks.  Mr. Shaffer said that the students in his class made more than a  62% return on their investment.  The competition, which includes more than 450 teams from all over Oregon, ended on April 17th, 2014 with Canyonville Christian Academy the clear winner.  The next closest schools only had a 9% return on their investments.

Now the seminar class is pushing forward in the national competition and is currently in first place there as of this writing.  With 4,000 teams entered, it will be a tough battle but we are confident that Canyonville Christian Academy can pull off a victory.

Congratulations Mr. Shaffer and your team for making CCA proud!

Canyonville Christian Academy Dean staff

This spring finds us here at Canyonville Christian Academy in the midst of busyness with sports, drama and other fun activities.

Our track team has gotten off to a great start with many students attempting the sport for the first time in their lives. They are discovering the fun in competition and learning what they can do. Every meet is filled with personal records and fast-paced competition, all leading up to our Special District Championship on Saturday, May 17th with the 1st and 2nd place finishers in each event heading on to the State Championships at the University of Oregon’s beautiful Hayward Field. This year looks to be another good year in the number of potential qualifiers.

Ivan ready for the relay

Ivan ready for the relay

Go Diego go!

Go Diego go!













Our tennis team is busy traveling as most of our matches are held far away from us. Tennis play against 1A-4A schools, so every match is a challenge. Even though the team is small, it shows great potential. This year, we are thrilled to be able to host 3 home matches – on April 19th, April 24th and April 26th. The Tennis District Championship will be held from May 12th-14th and the State Tennis Championships on May 22nd-24th.

Wayne working hard on the tennis courts at Canyonville Christian Academy

Wayne working hard on the tennis courts at Canyonville Christian Academy

Jeremy practices his serve for Canyonville Christian Academy's tennis team

Jeremy practices his serve for Canyonville Christian Academy’s tennis team






















This spring, our drama group will present “Murder by the Book” – a mystery revolving around classic authors. The play will present matinees on Sunday, May 11th and on Monday, May 12th.

All of this leads up to the end of year festivities…the CPR Reward trip to the Oregon beautiful coast, the sports’ awards banquet, Baccalaureate, the traditional staff vs. students softball game, the senior farewell BBQ, Mayfest, and culminating with Graduation. After the graduation ceremony, we will join together to look back as we remember former coach and dean, Jim Crumpton by dedicating a bench next to the CCA track in his honor and to look forward as we celebrate the groundbreaking for our new dormitory.

Graduation evening will conclude with the annual alumni banquet . All alumni are welcome to attend. We will be commemorating CCA/CBA’s 90th year.

The OSAA State Championship trophy for sportsmanship!

It was a great year in basketball for the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots as they played hard and persevered all the way to the state championships, taking 7th place.  Good job boys!!

Pendleton, Oregon is about 7 hours away and we were not able to send any spectator students to the game.  We were able to listen to the live broadcast on internet radio so that the whole school could enjoy the excitement of our team making it all the way to State finals.  One of the truly great things during the game besides how well our boys played, was how our rival teams and their parents gathered in CCA’s section to cheer for our boys.  We were listening on the radio and heard a large crowd chanting “CCA! CCA!” and even doing our victory chant every time a point was scored.  So special thanks to Oakland, North Douglas and Days Creek for cheering us on during our two games.  That was a great feeling!

To quote from a huge spread about Canyonville Christian Academy in the Eastern Oregonian newspaper titled “The International Team”:

Basketball coach Noel Schaak has a flair for turning players with zero experience and a loose grasp on the English language into seasoned athletes. Schaak’s team at Canyonville Christian Academy has a roster of 12 international players from the Ukraine, Rwanda, Hong Kong and South Korea.

During the Saturday night awards show, with Irrigon taking first place, the announcer suddenly announced the OSAA first place trophy for Sportsmanship for Canyonville Christian Academy!  Coach Noel Schaak headed to the court to be presented with the trophy pictured here.  The crowd went wild which prompted the whole team to go down to the floor, said our athletic director, Brian Fye.  Brian said that it was an emotional time and something that we didn’t expect.  This trophy means a lot to Canyonville Christian Academy because it speaks of character, something which Noel Schaak and Mike Stansberry try very hard to instill into our students.  To say that we are proud of our team would be an understatement!  Thank you boys and coaches for a great year of basketball at CCA.

Canyonville Christian Academy sports

Today at 1:30 PST the OSAA (Oregon State Athletics Association) will broadcast live the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots playing against Irrigon at the State competition.  We are all here at CCA cheering on our team!!  Go Pilots!

Click this link to listen to the game: