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International Christian academy's chapel viewed on a warm fall afternoon, canyonville, oregon

Canyonville Christian Academy was named prominently in a January 23, 2013 Wall Street Journal story on international students* in U.S. high school.  The WSJ is the number-one selling newspaper in America.

The large page-three feature story indicated that in many countries both private and parochial American high schools are seen as an excellent pathway for admissions to U.S. colleges.  It was also noted that many Asian parents and students look favorably on Christian schools‘ conservative social values which mirror many traditional Asian morals.

*note You need an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal to read full article

Horse-back-groupCanyonville Christian Academy sponsors an ongoing program called “CPR,” which stands for “Christian character and Personal Responsibility.”

Students who display quality character, are not tardy, and who keep up their grade point average get chosen for CPR Privilege.   Privileges can range from a “no homework” card to pizza parties. In the photo, the CPR students are enjoying a weekend at the Oregon coast.

For some of these boarding school students, this is an amazing experience and helps them strive to do better.

Classes to provoke thought and ideas are an integral part of the curriculum at Canyonville Christian Academy.  The student teacher ratio is about 10:1, which provides for more individual attention to the needs of the students.

Part of Canyonville Christian Academy’s private boarding school experience is making lifelong friendships from all over the world.  Students attending this boarding school will live, eat, study, have fun with students from all over the world, thereby making friends in many places and learning about new cultures.

Students rally around the Pilots during a basketball game. Many students who have never watched a live basketball game before instantly become fans as the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots take the floor.

School Rafting DayOn September 10th, Canyonville Christian Academy traveled to the Rogue river for our annual rafting trip.

This rafting trip is always a GREAT icebreaker with boarding school students as it gives them an opportunity to get acquainted while they’re having fun.

In most boarding schools, students become one great big family. Here at CCA, we have so many international students that a bonding/fun activity is very important in the beginning of the year.

Picnic 2010

What did we do?  Well…The weather was sunshine and the atmosphere was FUN! We went through some category 3 rapids, got wet, laughed and got to know one another better.

Afterwards, we had food and free time at the park.

What a great way to start the school year!

Rafting CCA 2010

In its 86-year history, CCA students have earned many sports honors. Our trophy cases contain a multitude of 1st place trophies from the Oregon Schools Athletic Association (OSAA), ranging from cross country, basketball, and track and field. In this photo we see most of the 2009-2010 CCA track team.

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Canyonville Christian Academy Welcomes You!

Canyonville Christian Academy is a boarding high school and day school for grades 9-12. Founded in 1924, this private boarding school is fully accredited with the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and a member of ACSI.  Canyonville Christian Academy has won state and national academic awards. Its prestigious symposiums have been aired by C-SPAN’s national television network. It has 13 buildings on a wooded campus divided by a beautiful stream in the mountains of southern Oregon. CCA is a Christian school which welcomes all students.

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Canyonville Christian Academy warmly welcomes international students to southern Oregon!

International students from all over the world come to Canyonville Christian Academy for academic and future career opportunities. Canyonville Christian Academy has had students from 52 countries across the globe attend its boarding school. The cross cultural experience of meeting new friends from different customs and languages is very enriching. Naturally, English is International students, boarding school, canyonville christian academy, private school, academics the connecting language and this  ESL program is excellent. Students arrive here at the beginning of the school year knowing little to no English and leave for summer break able to communicate effectively.

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