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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Canyonville Christian Academy desires to raise up servant leaders; people of integrity who lead by example and service. Through CCA’s Ambassador Program, select juniors and seniors are chosen and trained to be leaders on campus, in their dorm, and in life.leadership, hard work, boarding school, christian academy, student leaders

Near the end of every school year, rising juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to apply to be a part of the Ambassador Program for the next school year. All of the Deans along with Head of School, Cathy Lovato and Head of Discipline, Brian Fye, discuss and decide together which students demonstrated great leadership qualities throughout the school year such as responsibility, teachability, honesty, empathy, kindness, and respect. They look for students with passion, commitment, and determinationSuch qualities will help the students as they are in leadership to accept guidance, seek self-improvement, and overcome any trials.leadership, student leaders, canyonville christian academy,  boarding school

This week the Ambassadors for the 2014/15 school year flew to Canyonville Christian Academy from all around the world (Colombia, India, Russia, Rwanda, and South Korea). They arrived a week before the rest of the student body for training and relationship building. First, they went to Redding, California with their Deans for two days. They attended Bethel Church, where they were encouraged to, “Be present, be thankful, be focused, and preserver.” They also went to a water park and had a great time getting to know their Deans and fellow Ambassadors better.

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After they returned to CCA, they spent the next few days helping prepare the campus for the new school year. They worked in the dorms with their deans and around campus with Mr. Payne, Head of Facilities. They worked very hard and showed great teamwork. We could not be prouder of them and look forward to seeing them lead and grow throughout this 2014/15 school year at Canyonville Christian Academy!

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It’s almost time to head back to school! Whether it is your first time at an international boarding school or whether you are a pro, there is always more you can do to organize your dorm room and make it feel more like home.canyonville christian academy, dorm, boarding school, private school


7 quick tips to organize your dorm room at boarding school:

  1. Your home may be on the West Coast, across the country, or on the other side of the world. No matter where you are from, it is always nice to have a piece of home with you. Look around your room at home and pack one or two small mementoes to place on your dresser or desk. Grab those seashells from your last beach trip with your family or that clay whatcha-ma-call-it that your little brother or sister made for you.
  2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Nothing will help you feel more at home in your dorm room then being surrounded by those you love and who love you. Start printing them out, asking your mom and dad where those old photo albums are and make copies, or start putting your favorite pictures with your friends and family on your USB, computer, Facebook, or mobile device so you can print them here at Canyonville’s local pharmacy, Gordan’s Pharmacy, or on one of the several mall or Walmart trips.
  3. Want to bring more life to your dorm room? Then add a small plant or two. Afraid you will forget to water them? Try a succulent (cactus). They make great houseplants, require little care, and are quite trendy right now. Fake flowers are also a great option. Many look real and bring life and color to your dorm room without any care.
  4. Since you will be sharing a room with another student/s it is important to utilize and organize the space as best as possible. Depending on the room, under the bed storage boxes for clothes or shoes might be helpful. Stores also offer a variety of over-the-door and in the closet clothes and shoe holders {which don’t necessarily need to be used for those things}. If you have extra space in your room and need more storage, plastic or fabric International Boarding School Dorm Lifedrawer carts are great.
  5. Using a community bathroom will probably be new to you. The essentials for showering are flip-flops and a shower caddy for all your beauty & hygiene needs. Not only are caddies great for keeping all your bathroom items organized, but they also make carrying these items to the bathroom simple and easy. Also, although not a must, a bathrobe is nice to have as you return to your room after showering.
  6. What’s the point of taking a shower if all your clothes are dirty? That’s right! It’s time to learn how to do your own laundry. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think. All you need is detergent, maybe some softener and dryer sheets (depending on your own preferences), and a good laundry basket or hamper. You will have your choice of regular or foldable baskets, stand-up hampers, and laundry backpacks.
  7. As you are planning don’t forget to organize one very important place… your desk! It’s hard to study effectively if your desk is a mess and you are unsure about your homework assignments. You’ve come to boarding school to study and further your education, so let’s get to it! Get a planner, desk calendar, or dry erase board to plan out & keep track of your classes, assignments, and extra-curricular activities. Then, buy or make some desk organizers for your pencils, paper clips, papers, and other school essentials.

For more ideas & tip on organizing your boarding school dorm room and making it feel more like home, visit our Canyonville Christian Academy’s Pinterest page!

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Handy list of personal items to pack for private boarding school

Packing for the whole school year can be fun and stressful as you want to remember everything needed for your boarding school experience.  Here are some important things to know and a list to help keep you on track!  Basic furnishings are provided in all the dorms.  Storage space is adequate, but limited, so please do not bring excessive personal items. The following is a *list of personal items you will need for the school year here at the academy.

Clothing Items (refer to pg. 38 of student handbook)
Medications (refer to pg. 30 of student handbook)
Power strip with fuse switch (available for purchase in campus store)
Toiletry items
Towels and Washcloths
Sheets – 4 single
Pillowcases – 2
Bed spread or Comforter – single (can purchase at the school to save space in your luggage)
Pillow (can purchase at the school to save space in your luggage)
Laundry Bag
Laundry supplies
Pajamas, Bath robe
Coat hangers
Alarm clock
Laptop Computer (optional)
Eating Utensils (for dorm use: plate, cup, fork, spoon, etc.)
Bicycle (optional)
Tennis Racket (optional)
Sleeping bag for outings (optional)
School supplies (basic supplies are available in the PX.)
Graphing Calculator (for Algebra II & above) – acceptable models:
TI-83 or higher models

We recommend to parents that students be given between $25 and $50 a month for spending money (personal items, entertainment, snacks, etc)

*This list is also available in the Student Handbook for your convenience please review here.

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Private school girls who live in the dorm gather together to learn how to build their character and community with one another. 

Every Sunday evening the girls at boarding school Canyonville Christian Academy, meet together with their deans and have a Bible Study. This Bible study addresses many of the questions and problems young girls face at this time in their lives.

Christian academy, private boarding school, living in the dormSome of the things the Bible study includes are in-depth discussions, personal evaluation quizzes, applicable character building steps and teachings, quality time with leaders, community with one another, affirmation of who they are, and encouragement to become even greater people.

The book we used this week is called “Head to Soul Makeover”, which seeks to teach girls to accept themselves for who they are by showing them their great worth.


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Canyonville Oregon has had another round of winter weather!

canyonville christian academy, private boarding school, high school, boarding schools, private schools, cca, With snow, then temperatures dropping below freezing (16 degrees or -8C), students at Canyonville Christian Academy have bundled up and enjoyed the snow before it all melted.  As the temperatures dropped, students chose to stay inside either the dorms, the gym, the auditorium or the PX.

Then there were some brave ones… that went out into the cold and tried playing tennis for a bit…brrrrrrrr!