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“Murder By the Book” presented by the Canyonville Christian Academy Drama Club

On May 11th, 2014 the hardworking cast of Canyonville Christian Academy’s drama club, will perform the spring play entitled “Murder By the Book.”  Director Sherri Nutter and he cast and crew have worked very hard to put together this exciting play that is sure to be a winner.  For two long months, they have worked on set design, lighting, costumes and learning their lines to bring to CCA this fine production.

Admission is free!  If you live in the area, please feel free to come at either 3 p.m. on Sunday May 11th or 2 p.m. on Monday May 12th.  If you cannot make it either of those days, you are welcome to come to a 7 p.m dress rehearsal on Saturday May both.  You don’t want to miss this great event!  See you there.


The 2014 Canyonville Christian Academy Homecoming Court
(l to r) Clement Dushimimana, Aly Cyrino, Sebastian Fajardo, Kayla Tomlinson, Grace Cupp, Brian Ho, Malhi Beltran, Gabriel Martin. Front, King Danil Soloshenko & Kathy Tuan

Presenting this year’s homecoming court!

Student Center at Canyonville Christian Academy, in southern Oregon. Canyonville, has an International Boarding school

December Has Arrived!

The campus has been decorated with Christmas lights, ornaments, trees and a manger scene in front of the gym.  For some of our students, this is their first time celebrating the Christmas season.

Students are back from a few days off for the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving.  Many of the students went on the CCA trip to  San Francisco, California where they enjoyed Six Flags amusement park with some wild roller coasters and really short lines.  Their trip also included a night time tour of San Francisco, an all day excursion of San Francisco with trolley car passes.  The students also experienced lots of shopping on Black Friday.  They returned saying that they had a lot of fun.  Other students went home for this traditional holiday.

Speaking of traditions, it is basketball season at Canyonville Christian Academy!!  The first weekend in December, CCA is sponsoring a basketball tournament.  It should be a great opening for the 2013-2014 season.  The CCA Pilots are ready for an exciting season of basketball.  We will post photos of the tournament and also of our cheerleading team.

This is a shorter month due to the Christmas break that begins on December 20th.

Get your events calendar today!

December Calendar



  The familiar path to east campus.


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Spirit Week ended with the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots winning their last home basket ball game.  For the seniors here at the Christian Academy, it was a bitter sweet time since it was their last game in the Robert Shaffer gymnasium with faculty and friends cheering them on.

The student body voted for their favorite classmates for homecoming court who represented seven different countries.  During half time of the homecoming game, the princes and princesses walked out into the gym.  Cheers were echoed all through the gym.  Joe Chen was announced as King and Mafe Raad was crowned as the 2013 Homecoming Queen.  The whole homecoming court looked beautiful.

top international boarding school attends Eugene symphony

CCAers were able to view two major cultural events in mid-February.  On the 14th, seminar class students and others enjoyed a performance by the Eugene Symphony which included Holst’s “The Planets”.

The Oregon Ballet Theatre (Portland) was the destination for a girls group on February 16th.  this outstanding company presented Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” with full orchestra.

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Homecoming Weekend at Canyonville Christian Academy starts out the month of February!

To prepare for Homecoming Weekend, the classes compete against each other during Spirit week to show their spirit.  The week’s competitions include Pajama Day, Nerd Day, Color Day, 70’s & 80’s Day and Blue & Gold.  Teachers especially loved 2 days of “hush buttons” where girls wore buttons that could be “stolen” by boys who made them talk and vice versa.  As of this post, it’s a close race to see which class is in the lead.

Pajama day at Canyonville Christian Academy's Spirit Week

Pajama day at Canyonville Christian Academy’s Spirit Week





The Canyonville Christian Academy cheerleaders

The Canyonville Christian Academy cheerleaders








Download your February events calendar at the link below.

[fancy_link title="February Events Calendar" style="link-download" color="yellow" link="http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/February-2013.pdf"]

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Autumn has arrived at Canyonville Christian Academy.  The Fall always brings great weather and beautiful colors on campus as the trees begin to change.  It’s also soccer season here at the christian academy and so far CCA is ranking #1 in the State in our division!!

Volleyball and Cross country are also part of our fall boarding school sports programs.  Students are practicing hard and playing their best!

Download your October events calendar at the link below.

[fancy_link title="October Events Calendar" style="link-download" color="yellow" link="http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Oct2012.pdf"]

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Get your calendar here

A new school year has begun and it looks like it’s going to be a good one.  Lots of new students from 12 different countries just finished their first week of school.  Everyone is making new friends and adjusting to life at Canyonville Christian Academy or CCA.

Our first big event was an all school jet boat experience on the Rogue river in Grants Pass, Oregon.  It was a lot of fun on the speedy boats with students getting wet in the hot weather.  The food was great, too!   Click the link below to download September’s calendar.

[fancy_link title="September Events Calendar" style="link-download" color="yellow" link="http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/sept2012.pdf"]

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Welcome new and returning students!

Canyonville Christian Academy officially opens the dorms on September 1, 2012.  We will also begin airport pickups then as well!

As students are finishing their preparations for entering school, those who are traveling need to make sure they send all their traveling infomation to travel@canyonville.net and a copy to admissions@canyonville.net

The 3 airports that we use are: Medford (MFR), Eugene (EUG) and Portland (PDX).

To save expenses on travel fee’s we suggest using either Medford(MFR) or Eugene (EUG) airports because they are a much shorter distance from CCA  (See “travel fees” on the Admissons page)

School preparations have been done in excitement for this new year!  The staff and faculty here at CCA have been praying for you and looking forward to meeting you!

Important Reminders!

  1. Keep your SEVIS I-20 together with your passport.  When you first enter the United States, immigration must see your I-20 with your passport.  Do not forget your I-20 & passport!
  2. Pillow and Bedding can be purchased here at CCA!  To save room in your luggage consider purchasing these here or in the U.S. to save room!
  3. If you have not submitted your immunization records to CCA, please bring a copy with you.



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Have you done your school clothes shopping yet?  Review our helpful guide below.


Proper grooming must be practiced along with other rules of etiquette. The Administration emphasizes modesty in dress and appearance.



1. All clothing must be modest, neat, and clean. The dress
code shall apply to all students (both day & boarding) at all
times during the school year.
2. The Administration, Deans, Headmaster, Teachers and
Staff will ensure compliance with the guidelines. Students
who are not dressed according to this code will be asked
to return to the dorms or home and correct the problem.
3. When classes, teams or musical groups travel as representatives of Canyonville Christian Academy, the student
is responsible for maintaining a standard of dress deemed
appropriate for the occasion.
4. Appropriate dress for after-school practice is expected.
5. Tight-fitting or short shorts are not considered appropriate
wear for ladies or gentlemen. Excessively baggy shirts,
baggy pants, or pants with the crotch area hanging down
or undergarments visible are not allowed.
6. It is understood that there will be occasions when exceptions to these guidelines can be made, such as: field trips,
drama projects, etc. These exceptions must be approved
by the Administration.
7. Headwear for boys and girls is not appropriate during
school hours or in the cafeteria, chapel, classroom or office. This includes, but is not limited to baseball caps,
bandannas, beanies, berets, stocking hats, dew rags, etc.
Such items should be left at home, locker, or dorm.
8. PE uniforms will be available for purchase at the beginning
of the school year and must be worn each day to PE class