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It’s almost time to head back to school! Whether it is your first time at an international boarding school or whether you are a pro, there is always more you can do to organize your dorm room and make it feel more like home.canyonville christian academy, dorm, boarding school, private school


7 quick tips to organize your dorm room at boarding school:

  1. Your home may be on the West Coast, across the country, or on the other side of the world. No matter where you are from, it is always nice to have a piece of home with you. Look around your room at home and pack one or two small mementoes to place on your dresser or desk. Grab those seashells from your last beach trip with your family or that clay whatcha-ma-call-it that your little brother or sister made for you.
  2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Nothing will help you feel more at home in your dorm room then being surrounded by those you love and who love you. Start printing them out, asking your mom and dad where those old photo albums are and make copies, or start putting your favorite pictures with your friends and family on your USB, computer, Facebook, or mobile device so you can print them here at Canyonville’s local pharmacy, Gordan’s Pharmacy, or on one of the several mall or Walmart trips.
  3. Want to bring more life to your dorm room? Then add a small plant or two. Afraid you will forget to water them? Try a succulent (cactus). They make great houseplants, require little care, and are quite trendy right now. Fake flowers are also a great option. Many look real and bring life and color to your dorm room without any care.
  4. Since you will be sharing a room with another student/s it is important to utilize and organize the space as best as possible. Depending on the room, under the bed storage boxes for clothes or shoes might be helpful. Stores also offer a variety of over-the-door and in the closet clothes and shoe holders {which don’t necessarily need to be used for those things}. If you have extra space in your room and need more storage, plastic or fabric International Boarding School Dorm Lifedrawer carts are great.
  5. Using a community bathroom will probably be new to you. The essentials for showering are flip-flops and a shower caddy for all your beauty & hygiene needs. Not only are caddies great for keeping all your bathroom items organized, but they also make carrying these items to the bathroom simple and easy. Also, although not a must, a bathrobe is nice to have as you return to your room after showering.
  6. What’s the point of taking a shower if all your clothes are dirty? That’s right! It’s time to learn how to do your own laundry. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think. All you need is detergent, maybe some softener and dryer sheets (depending on your own preferences), and a good laundry basket or hamper. You will have your choice of regular or foldable baskets, stand-up hampers, and laundry backpacks.
  7. As you are planning don’t forget to organize one very important place… your desk! It’s hard to study effectively if your desk is a mess and you are unsure about your homework assignments. You’ve come to boarding school to study and further your education, so let’s get to it! Get a planner, desk calendar, or dry erase board to plan out & keep track of your classes, assignments, and extra-curricular activities. Then, buy or make some desk organizers for your pencils, paper clips, papers, and other school essentials.

For more ideas & tip on organizing your boarding school dorm room and making it feel more like home, visit our Canyonville Christian Academy’s Pinterest page!

Canyonville Christian Academy students

Important Announcement for all Students!

Canyonville Christian Academy has a special offer!!  Any *student who pays for their entire year by July 15th (including application fee, room deposit & incidental fee where applicable) will receive a free iPad Air. (*only full paying, non-scholarshipped students)

All students, even those which financial aid or scholarships, will be entered into a drawing to win one of two 13 inch MacBook Pro’s with retina display when they pay their 2014-2015 year in full by July 15th.

Don’t delay!! Send in your payment to reserve your room as soon as possible.  More information at admissions@canyonville.net.

Canyonville Christian Academy students

Win a 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina display

Eric Lee, Soniya Sherpa and Irenee Mitali - winners

Another exciting victory for Canyonville Christian Academy!

Canyonville Christian Academy students finished number one in the 2014 national stock market game (Capitol Hill Challenge) and qualified for an all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.

This 14 week contest ended May 9 and included over 4,200 teams involving 15,000+ students.  The on-line investing competition uses real-time stock prices and is sponsored by the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), the national organization representing the financial industry.

The awards ceremony will take place June 11 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.  Among the planned events for the students is a meeting with Oregon Senators and Congressmen.

Read the national press release here: http://www.sifma.org/newsroom/2014/sifma_and_the_sifma_foundation_congratulate_the_11th_annual_stock_market_game™-capitol_hill_challenge_participants/

In the game, the winning team had a $100,000 starting position which they were able to increase by over 85% in three months.  Prior Canyonville Christian Academy teams have finished in the top 10 in the national eight times since 2010, including this win, a second, and two thirds.  This class also won a separate 2014 competition for Oregon high schools with entries sweeping the first four places.

Seminar class, taught by Roger Shaffer, covers a wide range of topics, regularly including an extended study of investing and the stock market.  Roger Shaffer is the grandson of Canyonville Christian Academy (formerly Canyonville Bible Academy) founder A.M. Shaffer.  CCA as it is affectionately called, is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary as a school.

Canyonville Christian Academy students

There are many testimonials on Canyonville Christian Academy’s alumni page, but this particular story was of great joy.

In 2006, Canyonville Christian Academy had a scholarship program for children of missionaries serving in various parts of the world.  That year, Bart Celie and his sister, Karolien were offered full scholarships to CCA as children of medical missionaries in Bolivia.  Karolien at the time was in 8th grade.
Bart excelled at CCA, taking various Advanced Placement classes and finished strong as a senior and Canyonville Christian Academy’s valedictorian.  Bart’s parents, Dr.’s Rik & Sabine Celie raised both Bart and Kaolien on the mission field in Bolivia and are from Belgium.  Writes sister Karolien currently studying in England,  

Ridiculously proud of my big brother, Bart Celie for receiving his acceptance to COLUMBIA MEDICAL SCHOOL today!!  From working on our english papers in the campo of Bolivia, to getting that A+ in AP classes at CCA, to completing a surely excellent thesis at Boston College – his academic journey reflects the hard work and determination that is evident through this acceptance. I can’t think of anyone that deserves this honor more than you, Barty!  Congratulations on making your life-long dream come true! Love you lots, and celebrating with you from a distance! 

On May 19, 2014, Bart will graduate with honors from Boston College  with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Chemistry.  Bart was accepted into Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons where he will pursue his medical degree and has a special interest in bioethics.  Congratulations on entering the Ivy League, Bart!

Canyonville Christian Academy students

Bart practicing his future medical skills on his sister, Karolien while on the mission field in Bolivia

admissions door

Still looking for a great boarding school but you’ve missed an admissions deadline?  Well thankfully, Canyonville Christian Academy has always had an open enrollment policy.  Our admissions door is open and we are still taking applications for the 2014-2015 school year.  Applying is easy and doesn’t take very long.

Canyonville Christian Academy will offer you great academics. You will have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement college level courses in Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, English and U.S. History as well as our regular high school curriculum.   CCA is accredited with the NWAC and a member school of ACSI.

Besides academics, CCA has fun activities.  You’ll get to go river rafting and even tackle class 3 rapids.  There are also trips to see NBA basketball games, movies, bowling, intramural sports, mall trips and you can enjoy our student gaming center with Xboxes, Playstations, Wii’s, table tennis and a giant movie screen for movie nights.  If you are interested in sports, CCA offers soccer, volleyball, basketball, cheer leading, tennis and track and field and is a member of the Oregon State Athletic Association.

The friends that you will make will last for a lifetime.  There are usually at least 13 different countries represented in our student body!  Our admissions department was their first step to getting a great education at Canyonville Christian Academy.

So don’t hesitate!  Download your application from our Admissions page and follow the check list on the last page.  If you are a qualified student who is motivated to succeed, then Canyonville is the place for you.  Any inquires can be sent to admissions@canyonville.net or you can use our contact form to communicate with our admissions department.

Canyonville Christian Academy students

The OSAA Basketball State Competition is on the horizon.  On Saturday March 1, our Canyonville Christian Academy boy’s basketball team advanced to the state playoffs in basketball with a one point win in a heated overtime to the Myrtle Point Bobcats.

An excellent article on our Canyonville Christian Academy boy’s basketball team’s journey to the OSAA (Oregon State Athletics Association) state competition appeared on http://www.oregonprepsports.net.  Here is a brief quote from the article by Bruce McCain.

A year ago, Canyonville Christian Academy, a small 90-year old boarding school for international students, played an independent schedule in boys varsity basketball. The Pilots finished 11-6 overall and 2-3 against 2A varsity competition. This year, CCA joined the 2A MVC and finished third behind defending 2A champs Oakland and Days Creek. But this year’s Cinderella story did not end Saturday. Instead, the pumpkin carriage left Myrtle Point and headed for Pendleton, following the Pilots’ 68-67 overtime road win over the Bobcats, a Pendleton team itself in 2013. Pilot coach Noel Schaak has been at the helm of CCA’s program for ten years. He faces challenges unlike any other coach in this tournament, beginning with the fact that none of his players are Americans, but come from all over the world, with limited English speaking ability and virtually no background in organized basketball. Despite their lack of basketball polish, the Pilots are known as one of the most athletic teams in 2A hoops, a fact confirmed by Myrtle Point coach Dave Larsen, who following his playoff loss, described the Pilots as the best group of athletes his Bobcats had seen all year.

On Thursday March 6, our CCA Pilots will play against Irrigon.  Let’s hope they continue on further in the competition.  We are proud of you boys!!

The 2014 Canyonville Christian Academy Homecoming Court
(l to r) Clement Dushimimana, Aly Cyrino, Sebastian Fajardo, Kayla Tomlinson, Grace Cupp, Brian Ho, Malhi Beltran, Gabriel Martin. Front, King Danil Soloshenko & Kathy Tuan

Presenting this year’s homecoming court!

Canyonville Christian Academy Admissions welcomes you!

Canyonville Christian Academy students

The Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots had one of the best soccer seasons since CCA formed it’s first team 5 years ago here.  The team has grown progressivly each year, learning to play together and communicate well on the field.  Coach Eric Payne says, “I am so proud of how well this team has come together over the season to play so unified and determined.  It’s been an honor to coach them.”

On November 5th, round 1 of the road to State found the Pilots coming up against Umatilla with the Pilots beating them on our home field 3 to 2.  The entire student body was there to cheer on our boys as they then moved on further than any CCA team has been.

The Oregon State Athletics Association (www.osaa.org) quarter final match was held 3.5 hours north of Canyonville in the city of Portland, Oregon against Portland Adventist Academy.  Early in the match, the Pilots scored the first goal, with the half time score at Pilots 1, PAA 0.   But sadly it was in the second half of the match that PAA was able to score 3 goals with a final score of 3-1 thus ending the Pilots road to the State championship.  But in spite of this, everyone at Canyonville Christian Academy couldn’t be more proud of how far our Pilots made it this season.  Next year could get us even closer!


Canyonville Christian Academy students

Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots soccer team at the Oregon State quarter finals.




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During the first week of school at Canyonville Christian Academy, students planned out their schedules, new friends were made, and all the nervousness began to wear off.

It definitely looks like it’s going to be a great year!

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Winners of Macbook Pros

The students who had paid their full year tuition by July 15th were anxiously waiting for their new Ipad3’s.  Some students were not able to make that deadline and didn’t qualify for the giveaway, but all students were entered into the Macbook Pro giveaway contest.

CCA’s two lucky winners were William and Ivan!  Ivan flew out of his seat and hopped up and down as Mrs. Lovato, Head of School, handed him his Macbook.

Congratulations to our two winners William an Ivan!