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private school, canyonville christian academy, international students, jet boating, activities

Private School, Canyonville Christian Academy, takes its international student body jet boating down the dazzling Rogue River and experiences the adventure and beauty of Oregon’s natural wonders!

private school, international students, jet boating, activities, canyonville christian academy

Canyonville Christian Academy is full of life and laughter again as local and international students from all around the world have returned or arrived for the first time at this private school. Everyone at CCA had a very busy and exciting first week of school! During Welcome Weekend, students were warmly greeted by their deans and student ambassadors (student leaders) as they moved into their dorm rooms. They also met with faculty and staff over BBQ lunch and dinners prepared by the school. On Sunday morning, Canyonville Christian Academy had a chapel service on the gym lawn and later that evening the dorms had a meeting in the chapel.

Throughout the weekend, students settled into their dorms, familiarized themselves with the campus, and made many new friends! Monday quickly came around and it was time to start classes! During this week of school, students went to class, took placements tests, and talked with teachers to decide what class schedule was best for them. And before CCA knew it; Friday had arrived!

private school, international students, jet boating, activity

Every year at the end of the first week of school, this private school takes its students on an all school event. This year Canyonville Christian Academy students went jet boating down the Rogue River!

It was a beautiful, cool Oregon morning when the school arrived at the river. Students were split up between two jet boats. Everyone was excited but a bit timid as the jet boats gently set off down the river. The school enjoyed views of lovely houses and scenery. They also saw wildlife such as two bald eagles, the national emblem of the United States, and many fishermen, one of whom the students witnessed catching a large fish!

The further down the river the boats went the more excited and comfortable everyone became. Soon Oregon’s rocky and tree-covered mountains came into view and it was time for lunch. After a delicious lunch at a gorgeous, all-wood restaurant by the river, CCA gathered back into the boats and were off again!private school, international students, rogue river, southern oregon

The weather had warmed up nicely and everyone was ready for the rest of the jet boat ride. The boats followed each other and bounced over the waves speeding faster and faster. Turning this way and that they performed a turn they called the “shake and bake,” which produced smiles, yells, screams, and laughter. It sprayed all the passengers of the boats and everyone got wet! However, the best part of the trip was the jet boat water war! One of CCA’s jet boats took the other by surprise and turned very closely to the other. This caused a great wave to crash over the boat, head of school, Cathy Lovato was in and it soaked everyone in it! As the boats raced down the river, Mrs. Lovato’s boat looked and cheered for their chance to get the other boat back. And surely enough, before the boats were docked, the favor was returned!

It was an amazing and exhilarating experience filled with natural beauty, fond memories, growing friendships, and lasting bonds made among faculty, staff, and students at Canyonville Christian Academy!

What a great start to the 2014/15 school year! See more pictures of CCA’s trip at Canyonville Christian Academy International Boarding School’s Facebook Page!

private school, international students, jet boating, activities, canyonville christian academy

Balancing act at Survivor Fear Factor Race
Survivor Fear Factor Race Team Blue
Survivor Fear Factor Race

Canyonville Christian Academy’s 12th Amazing Survivor Fear Factor Race

April 25, Canyonville Christian Academy’s international students encountered a one-of-a-kind experience.   Holding our 12th annual Amazing Survivor Fear Factor Race filled with challenges, has been an exciting yearly event all students look forward to. To start, students have to select 5 team members that can work well together through a series of 16 challenges.  These challenges lead up to see which team wins.  Then the winning team competes against each other, with one person becoming the final survivor, winning the grand prize.

All the teams started with a building challenge using marshmallows and spaghetti noodles.  Then continued on to fighting through puzzles, math, culinary & physical tasks.  These students ran all over the city of Canyonville to complete their assignments on their way to try and win the prize.  Also to note, The Oregon National Guard brought a rock wall and jousting equipment to make things more interesting.

This fun filled and enduring competition helps students learn cooperation and perseverance.  This valuable lesson is important throughout life.  

In the end, Team Grey,  an international group of students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Rwanda won as a team, with their team member Macy Ho claiming the title of the Canyonville Christian Academy Ultimate Survivor of 2014.  Team Grey members are Azrah Pervais (Hong Kong), Precious Abeho (Rwanda), Jennifer Chen (Taiwan), Tina Huang (Taiwan) and Macy Ho (Taiwan).


Bryan Mukama shows the shot put for Canyonville Christian Academy

We are entering into the final few weeks left of the 2013-2014 school year at Canyonville Christian Acdemy!  So many great things have happened this past year.  It’s hard to believe we’re already so close to the finish line.  Here’s a list of the main events that are taking place until the end of the school year.



3 – Tennis @ North Bend & Marshfield

4-7 Spiritual emphasis with Brian Jones from Yakima, WA’

8 – Tennis at Cascade Christian

11 – Junior/Senior Banquet at Big K Ranch

12 Track @ Maynard Mai Invitational in Glide

13 – Portland Trailblazers game

15 – Tennis @ Sisters

17 – Track @ Oakland

19 – Track team to U of O – Oregon Relays

Tennis Home match vs Cascade Christian

20 – Easter

22 – Track @ Glide

24 – Tennis Home match vs. Marshfield

25 – 11th Annual CCA Amazing Survivor Race

26 – Tennis Home match vs. Klamath Union

Yearbook Work Day

27 – Calculus Field Trip –Portland

NBA Playoff Game

29 – Tennis @ Cascade Christian



1 – Track @ Oakland

2 – Shaffer Dorm’s Night Out

3-4 – Spanish class Cinco de Mayo field trip

3 – Cosmic Bowling

3-6 Senior Trip to Disneyland

6 – Track @ Bandon Invitational

7- All School Luau

8 – Tennis @ Klamath Union

9 – Track @ Oakland Twilight

10-12 – CCA Presents “Murder By The Book”

10 – IRON CHEF competition

11 – Mother’s Day

12-14 Tennis District Championships

15 – Spring Choir Concert

17 Track District Championships

18-19 – CPR Rewards trip to the Coast

20 – Sports’ Awards Banquet

22-24 – State Tennis Championships

22-24 – State Track championships

25 – Baccalaureate / Staff vs Students Softball game /Senior Farewell BBQ

26-29 – Final Exams

30 – Mayfest & Academic Awards

31 – Graduation

Alumni Dinner

Memorial remembrance of Jim Crumpton



1 – Dormitories close for 2014



30-Spet 1 – Dormitories open for 2014-2015 School Year & Welcome Weekend

Canyonville Christian Academy students

November has arrived at Canyonville Christian Academy.  The leaves have changed and the air is cooler.  Students who arrived as strangers only 2 months ago are now life long friends.

One of the highlights of October was the annual fall festival.  This year’s theme was “Cowboys and Aliens” where students came dressed as either cowboys or aliens to a party  where there were contests and rides.  The food was weird looking but tasted good and the students had a lot of fun.

Get your November events calendar here: http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/November.pdf

Canyonville Christian Academy students

Jumping the fast moving pole

Canyonville Christian Academy students

Winner of the mechanical bull ride!

Canyonville Christian Academy students
Canyonville Christian Academy students

The 2012 Seniors and Mayfest group

On June 1, 2013 the 2012-2013 school year came to an end with an exciting but emotional graduation ceremony at this Christian Academy!

The Robert Shaffer gymnasium at Canyonville Christian Academy was filled with students, friends and family from various parts of the world.  Head of school, Cathy Lovato introduced the boarding school staff and faculty.  Graduating senior Richard Huang welcomed the guests with his Salutatorian address.  Following Valedictorian, Bella Wang gave a great speech to her fellow classmates.

Canyonville Christian Academy’s president, Doug Wead, was our commencement speaker and gave a very encouraging and motivating speech to our graduates.  The senior letters, that were read by Mrs. Stenberg and Mr. Lovato were also very emotional and full of love as the seniors selected different staff and teachers that they connected with during the school year, and wrote to them thanking them for being a part of their lives. Then Seniors gave flowers to their parents or a faculty member as those letters of appreciation were read.

Following was a beautiful finger-food reception on the gym lawn where family and friends could gather, congratulate their friends and fellow students, and take their last pictures of high school to remember everyone with.  What an amazing way to end a fabulous and great school year, especially at such a close knit boarding school as CCA!

Congratulations class of 2013!!

Canyonville Christian Academy private boarding high school

Private boarding school Canyonville Christian Academy activities department decided to make the game of basketball a little more interesting. 

A group of donkeys were invited as special guests allowing our students here at the Christian Academy, to ride them while playing a game of basketball.  As the donkeys were brought in by their riders, shouts of laughter could be heard in the gymnasium as one of our boarding students Serge Sandrali, laughing himself, tried to “guide” his donkey into center court.

Christian boarding school Canyonville Christian Academy has fun activities

Donkey basketball game at Canyonville Christian Academy

For about an hour and half, the girls challenged the boys to a basketball game played while trying to ride a stubborn donkey and throw the basketball from it’s back.  In the end, it was the Varsity boys basketball team, with their competitive edge that ended up winning the night’s game of fun donkey basketball.

What a crazy fun event for students attending this boarding school!


canyonville christian academy dines at R-Haus for JSB

Excitement was in the air this past week at private school Canyonville Christian Academy as this year’s Junior/Senior Banquet (JSB) approached.

christian boarding school junior/senior banquet

Mrs. Jami Burkhert & Azrah (junior)

Campus was a buzz of activity with preparation for the traditional unique event here at the boarding school!  Mrs. Jami Burkhert, Mrs Diane Stenberg and others were among many other staff members who were planning and setting up for the banquet. Boys were deciding who they were going to ask, while girls were talking about their beautiful dresses and showed them to teachers and faculty.

christian boarding school junior senior banquetFinally,  the long awaited day arrived! Although the Oregon weather was not very cooperative and it rained, the students still walked out from in front of the girls’ dorm, Hinn Hall, and had a wonderful time.


christian academy junior senior banquet

                                    All the boys looked handsome and the girls were stunning.

Many pictures were taken. Then, the Juniors and Seniors went with several faculty and staff  to Grants Pass to eat a lovely dinner of seafood and prime rib at R-Haus, which is along Rogue River.

CCA's Junior/Senior Banquetcanyonville christian academy dines at R-Haus for JSBBoarding School JSB at R-Haus next to Rogue River

After dinner, the students went iceskating and to the movies to watch Jurassic Park in 3-D! JSB 2013  was a fun and memorable night!  To view more history on historical events of the school please visit this page.

boarding school goes iceskating for junior senior banquet

christian academy holds fun tournament for boarding school students in canyonville, oregon

This Private Boarding School was full of fun activities this weekend, starting on Friday night with a 3-on-3 basketball Tournament!

Students and staff alike gathered their teams of 3-4 players for some healthy competition. These teams were broken up into three different brackets: Porsche, Cadillac, and Kia/Lada, determined by the skill of the team. Teams played multiple 7-minute games until the champions of each bracket were determined.


 Winning team of  top bracket

christian academy Activities - 3-on-3 Tournament

Canyonville Christian Academy holds 3-on-3 Tournament

private academy hold 3-on3 tournament in canyonville, oregon

Congratulations to the winning team!

christian academy holds iron chef competition

An Iron Chef Competition was held this past Saturday in CCA’s gym to see which group of students could cook the best meal!

CCA Activities - Iron Chef Competition

Students teamed up with their peers and chose an adult mentor. Then, they planned out the menus for their three-course meals and went shopping together to buy the ingredients. Next, the judging panel assembled, which included two of our boys’ deans, Josh Botsford and Mike Stansberry, and two of our cooks. Finally, it was time to reveal the secret ingredient… cheese!

The students were given a variety of cheeses and at least one type had to be used in every course. They were given an allotted time for each course and were scored by the judges for creativity, plating, taste, and use of the secret ingredient.


The winning team with their cooking mentor.

canyonville boarding school holds iron chef competition

The winning team includes 2 students and their History teacher Ms Lopus!

Canyonville Christian Academy and the Harlem Globetrotters

Fun Activity with the Harlem Globetrotters

Friday February 22nd, students, teachers and admin of Canyonville Christian Academy high school went to Matthew Knight Arena at University of Oregon in Eugene to watch a lively, talented exhibition game with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters.

It was a lot of fun to watch the amazing skills of the Globetrotters.  They were funny and had us laughing with their antics and we were awed by their moves and throws with a basketball.  As a special treat, the whole boarding school was invited down to the center court where the Oregon Ducks play their home games.  The students of CCA got to meet the Globetrotters and take photos.  After this event, we all headed over to Skateworld for a night of roller skating.

Canyonville Christian Academy students get a photo with Flea of the Harlem Globetrotters