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Teacher of the year award, at christian academy, in canyonville, Oregon

Teacher of the year is awarded to Mathematics teacher, Luke Suhr!

This year’s Mayfest celebration was filled with student talent and thunderous applause –especially when Mr. Luke Suhr, head of Canyonville Christian Academy’s Mathematics department was announced as the recipient of the 2014 Teacher of the Year award. Students rose to their feet with cheers and applause when the award was announced.  

Mr. Suhr has just finished his 2nd year at CCA teaching, AP Calculus, AP Physics, Pre-Calculus, Algebra III, and Statistics.  He is loved by the students for his willingness to go out of his way to give them extra help when they need it. Mr. Suhr also makes Physics and Calculus fun. In his classes, international students not only read about science in their books, but they also experience it in real life as they are challenged with interesting and exciting experiments. One of the many benefits of attending a small boarding school is the close relationships that are formed between staff and students. Luke Suhr is a perfect example of this. We appreciate his professionalism, dedication, and sincerity.  Congratulations Mr. Suhr!

Eric Lee, Soniya Sherpa and Irenee Mitali - winners

Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar class wins the National SIFMA Investing Competition!

Canyonville Christian Academy has another exciting victory in the National SIFMA Investing Competition! International students of CCA’s Seminar Class finish number one in the 2014 national stock market game (Capitol Hill Challenge) and qualify for an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.

This 14 week contest ended May 9th and included over 4,200 teams with more than 15,000 students from across the United States. The online investing competition uses real-time stock prices and is sponsored by the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIFMA). SIFMA is the national organization representing the financial industry.

The awards ceremony will take place June 11th at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.  Among the planned events for the students is a meeting with Oregon Senators and Congressmen.

In the stock game, the winning team has a $100,000 starting position which they are able to increase by over 85% in three months. Prior Canyonville Christian Academy teams have finished in the top 10 in the nation eight times since 2010. This class also won a separate 2014 competition for Oregon high schools with entries sweeping the first four places.

Seminar class, taught by Roger Shaffer, covers a wide range of topics, regularly including an extended study of investing and the stock market. Roger Shaffer is the grandson of Canyonville Christian Academy’s (formerly Canyonville Bible Academy) founder A.M. Shaffer. CCA as it is affectionately called, is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary as a school.

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Canyonville Christian Academy alumnus, Bart Celie, enters Columbia University’s Medical School!

There are many amazing testimonials on Canyonville Christian Academy’s alumni page, but this particular story was of great joy.

In 2006, Canyonville Christian Academy had a scholarship program for children of missionaries serving in various parts of the world. That year, Bart Celie and his sister, Karolien were offered full scholarships to CCA as children of medical missionaries in Bolivia. 
Bart excelled at boarding school. He took various Advanced Placement classes and finished strong as a senior. He even became Canyonville Christian Academy’s valedictorian. Bart’s parents, Dr.’s Rik & Sabine Celie, are from Belgium and raised both Bart and Kaolien on the mission field in Bolivia. Bart’s sister Karolien currently studying in England writes,  

Ridiculously proud of my big brother, Bart Celie for receiving his acceptance to COLUMBIA MEDICAL SCHOOL today!!  From working on our english papers in the campo of Bolivia, to getting that A+ in AP classes at CCA, to completing a surely excellent thesis at Boston College – his academic journey reflects the hard work and determination that is evident through this acceptance. I can’t think of anyone that deserves this honor more than you, Barty!  Congratulations on making your life-long dream come true! Love you lots, and celebrating with you from a distance! 

On May 19, 2014, Bart will graduate with honors from Boston College with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Chemistry. Bart was accepted into Columbia University’s Medical School for Physicians and Surgeons. He will pursue his medical degree here with a special interest in bioethics. Congratulations from Canyonville Christian Academy on entering the Ivy League, Bart!

canyonville christian academy, alumni, columbia university, medical school, missionaries, bolivia

Bart practicing his future medical skills on his sister, Karolien while on the mission field in Bolivia

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Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar Class wins Oregon stock market game!


Every year, Mr. Shaffer’s Seminar class enters the Oregon Stock Market game, which lasts a total of 10 weeks. The competition includes more than 450 teams from all over Oregon. It ended on April 17th, 2014 with Canyonville Christian Academy the clear winner! This year’s Seminar students made more than a 62% return on their investment with the next closest schools making only a 9% return on their investments.

Now Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar class is pushing forward in the National Competition! With 4,000 teams entered, it will be a tough battle. Yet, currently CCA is first place. We are confident that the Seminar class can pull off a victory.

Congratulations Mr. Shaffer and your team for making CCA proud!

Canyonville Christian Academy seminar students
Yet, once again, students from Canyonville Christian Academy earned a chance to tour Washington D.C. last week after a half dozen of them finished near the top of the heap in a national stock-picking game. Read more

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Opportunities for international students to learn outside of the classrooms at this private boarding high school are often available.

Each year the students who take Honors Business Math class, go to Harry and David’s in Medford to experience manufacturing, production, packaging, and warehouse procedures, which are multiple chapters on paper come to life.  At the end of the factory tour, they return to the retail store to taste samples and purchase some of the products they’ve seen in production during the tour.

It is important for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life experiences This field trip allows the students to begin understanding the importance of business math applications from pay incentives on the packing line to driving a forklift in the warehouse, or even designing special product packaging to the speed of folding the shipping boxes. The overall experience stimulates the imagination and encourages new possibilities for the future of these business math students.

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The SEO/Internet Marketing Class of private school Canyonville Christian Academy met with General Manager Wayne Knowles of Litha Ford Car Dealership in Roseburg, Oregon and Social Media Manager Laura Devenport of the Litha Corporation.

Mr. Knowles took an hour out of his busy schedule to meet with the class and listen to the Christian Academy student idea’s to improve the dealerships Facebook Page.   The students were nervous at first, but warmed up to Mr Knowles relaxed personality.  As the meeting progressed, both sides were able to communicate effective ideas on marketing and reaching a target audience.

Students returned to the school excited and ready for the challenge of managing the Facebook Page.  You can view their progress at: Litha Ford Lincoln of Roseburg

These students also manage Canyonville Christian Academy’s 7 Facebook pages:
Canyonville Christian Academy
Canyonville Christian Academy Sports
Canyonville Christian Academy School Life
Canyonville Christian Academy Dorm Life
Canyonville Christian Academy Beats
Private School.  A day in their Social Life
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Canyonville Christian Academy Seminar students jumped out to a quick $4,607 advantage two weeks into the Capitol Hill Challenge, the national investing game. In the contest, teams invest online with a hypothetical $100,000 starting position.

There are more than 2,700 teams/schools entered in the 2013 competition that runs through May 10.

This Christian Academy has placed in the top-seven four times in the final standings in prior games.

International Christian academy's chapel viewed on a warm fall afternoon, canyonville, oregon

Canyonville Christian Academy was named prominently in a January 23, 2013 Wall Street Journal story on international students* in U.S. high school.  The WSJ is the number-one selling newspaper in America.

The large page-three feature story indicated that in many countries both private and parochial American high schools are seen as an excellent pathway for admissions to U.S. colleges.  It was also noted that many Asian parents and students look favorably on Christian schools‘ conservative social values which mirror many traditional Asian morals.

*note You need an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal to read full article

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In the statewide 2012 Stock Market Game, CCA’s economics students have jumped out to a commanding early lead.

Canyonville entries top the first six places in the Oregon standings as we approach the midpoint of the 10 – week competition.

  1. Mike Hsieh         163,690
  2. Benji McClure    130,997
  3. Johnny Yuan      130,860
  4. Noah Yip             121,763

The students began the investing contest with $100,000.  The top entry outside CCA (McLoughlin High School) is nearing $107,000 total portfolio value.

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