• Application Fee

    Make Your Application Fee Here

    Canyonville Christian Academy offers an easy way to pay your $100.00 application fee online when you enroll.

    Easy Steps To Setup Your Flywire Account

    STEP 1 – Getting Started

    Visit Canyonville Christian Academy’s Flywire International Student Payment page and enter the $100.00 application fee and the country you will pay from.

    STEP 2 – Select Payment Option

    Select your payment option when they appear, then select which currency you would like to make your payment in

    STEP 3 – Create Your Flywire Account or Login to Existing Account

    Enter your personal details and payment info

    STEP 4 – Confirm Payment Details

    Review and confirm the information for your payment.

    STEP 5 – Receive Payment Instructions

    If you are paying via bank transfer, you will receive a deadline by which you should go to your bank and complete the payment.  (this is a separate deadline, not associated with your educational institutional deadline)

    STEP 6 – Send Payment Via Preferred Method

    Choose – Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, UnionPay Cards or AliPay.

    Important Note:  Your payment ID is only valid for this payment

    STEP 7 – Track Payment Status Online

    Receive email alerts every step of the way.

    Application Fee

    Make your payment online the fast and easy way!

    We accept payment using your preferred method of payment.  Credit cards, bank transfer, eWallet and more.

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