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Boone Hall – Boy’s Dorms

Boone Hall

Canyonville Christian Academy private boarding schoolsBoone Hall is one of the boy’s dorms on campus. It houses 56 boys.

Boy's Dorm Dean at Canyonville Christian Academy Private High School Academy

Joshua Botsford – Dean

Being 3  leveled with 27 rooms, 6 showers, a large kitchen, laundry facility and recreation/study hall adjacent to the dorm.

There are 17 rooms on the top level that house 34 students, 6 rooms on the middle level that house up to 14 boys (2 are large rooms able to house 3 students each) and 4 rooms on the lower level that house 8 boys.

 Each floor has 1 or 2 RA’s (resident assistants). These are young men who are strong in leadership, honesty and integrity. These also have a good relationship with the deans and others.

Boys Dorm Room in Boone Hall

Dormitory Phone Numbers:

  • Boone Hall (Boys) – (541) 839-8546
  • Shaffer Residence (Boys) – (541) 839-8550
  • Hinn House (Girls) – (541) 839-8526

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