A Private Christian Boarding School

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Yafet-&-JonBoarding school students Jonathan and Yafet became good friends through their common love of skateboarding.

This is just one example of what boarding schools offer–lifelong friendships from vastly different cultures.

Canyonville Christian Academy houses students from over seventeen nations, where they not only receive quality education, but  friendships with students from around the world.

For students preparing to embark in colleges pursuing International Business, this is an ideal situation.

Horse-back-groupCanyonville Christian Academy sponsors an ongoing program called “CPR,” which stands for “Christian character and Personal Responsibility.”

Students who display quality character, are not tardy, and who keep up their grade point average get chosen for CPR Privilege.   Privileges can range from a “no homework” card to pizza parties. In the photo, the CPR students are enjoying a weekend at the Oregon coast.

For some of these boarding school students, this is an amazing experience and helps them strive to do better.

Classes to provoke thought and ideas are an integral part of the curriculum at Canyonville Christian Academy.  The student teacher ratio is about 10:1, which provides for more individual attention to the needs of the students.

Part of Canyonville Christian Academy’s private boarding school experience is making lifelong friendships from all over the world.  Students attending this boarding school will live, eat, study, have fun with students from all over the world, thereby making friends in many places and learning about new cultures.

Students rally around the Pilots during a basketball game. Many students who have never watched a live basketball game before instantly become fans as the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots take the floor.

Fun activities are part of this private boarding school’s life!  In this photo, we see a girls’ team in our annual “Survivor-Fear Factor” race. Teams are judged by their colors and creative clothing as they run all over Canyonville collecting clues, performing various stunts, getting wet and dirty, all to become the winning team.

But most of all, it’s about having fun.

Winners of the Oregon Stock Market game 9 years in a row!

High school teams from across the state of Oregon are given $100,000 of pretend money to use in the high school stock market game. For the past 9 years, Canyonville Christian Academy has taken the first place trophy.

With PowerSchool, students and parents can access important information such as homework assignments, grades, daily announcements, links to teachers’ emails, etc.  If you are a parent or student, email cca@canyonville.net for more information.